All product packages include a completion of your photography session with fully edited and unique images.

       The packaging for portraiture sessions includes a downloadable Disc with a custom keepsake cover and a signed copyright release                                                    form for immediate access to download, upload, and print as you may choose to do so.

      The packaging for event sessions, such as Weddings or Mitzvahs include a USB flash-drive with custom label; as well as a signed copyright release form. This specific packaging may include 500-2000 post processed images (depending on chosen investment plan) and an MP4. Video file for all Event Cinematography, Highlight/Trailer - This also includes your signed copyright release form.

                                             We aim to provide simple, functional, yet customized packaging to each individual client

                                                                      ensuring a lifetime guarantee of their photographic memories.

                                                 If ever you need an urgent release form or have misplaced a disc or flash-drive,

                                Ms. Bianca Inez will email you the form, or finished product per request via Google Drive (at no extra fee)

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